Tik Tok Parody :D

23. prosince 2009 v 14:07 | Rose
OMG! objavila sa taká "paródia" na song Tick Tok od Keshy! Je to moc cool spieva tam o JB, Miley, Demi, Jenifer, New Moon, Taylorovi Lauterovi, Selene a o celom cast WOWP! Vlastne sa jej sníva, že sa stretla s týmito hviezdami :D
Strašne sa mi to lúbi :D


Woke up in the morning from an awesome dream
I won a Jonas contest in Popstar Magazine
Called up my friends that are fans and we jumped in the car
We're freaking out cause we're about to really meet some stars

I'm taking backstage at the show, show
We're gonna sit front row, row
Inches from the JoBro's

Blasting the It's About Time CD
Cause we "Live to Party"
So much fun this will be

Nick J on the stage
All the songs that they will play
Tonight, and you're right
Joe is "Burnin' Up" the mic
Kevin on guitar and all three of them are stars the
Jo-oh oh Bros
Jo-oh oh Bros

Nick J on the stage
Kevin rocks on his guitar
Tonight and you're right
Joe is "Burnin' Up" the mic
They rock, fans in shock
But the concert dont stop no
Jo-oh oh Bros
Jo-oh oh Bros

Now while we're chilling backstage, I bumped into Miley
And she invited me to join her in the NYC
We're in the limo and she's belting out "The Climb" with me
And then she tells me that we're going on a shopping spree

Talking to Demi on the phone phone
She is my ringtone, tone
Met Jenifer Stone, Stone

Off to the big New Moon Premiere-miere
Taylor Lautner's here
Hear all the fans cheer

Jacob on the screen,
Stole the heart of every teen
Tonight, Edward fights
And he sparkles in the light
The stars won the war
Of the box office by far now
Woah-oh oh oh
Woah-oh oh oh

All of my dreams, they're coming true
That night I met Selena too
I guest starred on Wavery Place
I met the whole cast face to face

I'm waking up from this great dream
Wish it all had happened to me
It's better than reality
Met all the stars I never meet

Cause this party don't stop when I'm asleep

Hang out with the stars
Drive around in fancy cars
Tonight Imma dream
Ride in my own limosene
I know this must end
Keep pretending until then now
Woah-oh oh oh
Woah-oh oh oh


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1 Alex & Mitchie | Web | 23. prosince 2009 v 14:14 | Reagovat

Fakt, aj mne sa to páči :D :D A najlepší sú tam aj tak JoBros  8-)

2 AnN your SB ♥ | Web | 23. prosince 2009 v 14:17 | Reagovat

pěkné :D

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